Ridge & Eaves rails - 1 tube

Used to anchor the lifeline in the event of temporary work on the roof. Brackets for Ridge/Eaves railings are installed with c/c max. 1200 mm. The tubes are crimped at one end, which means that the tubes fit into each other and the joints only need to be secured with through bolts. It is also easy to slide the tubes into the mounts. Version in accordance with SS 831331.

Roof Covering - Seamed Sheet

Weland standing seam holder for seamed roofing sheet. Fixing is carried out by squeezing the holder onto the standing seam, no holing required. The holder fits all Weland product groups. The seam must be double-seamed.

Wire system: Without Weline

Our own wire system for fall protection that meets the rules regarding fall protection when moving on the roof.

With a wire that is installed along the roof gangways, roof ladders, ridge rail or directly on the roof, you obtain a very flexible safety solution in connection with building and construction work as well as clearing snow. The users anchor their safety lines to the wire and they can then move freely across the entire roof area without having to reconnect.

NOTE! Weline systems may only be installed together with Weland roof safety system and this calculation is for straight montage where we can deliver a finished length of the wire. For systems with continuous wire in different directions, eg between walkway and roof ladder special skills are required.