Low weight ladder with good stability. The stringers are manufactured from roller formed channels. The rungs are profiled to reduce the risk of slipping and for double safety provided with upset ends both on the inside and the outside. Design according to SS 83 13 40 and SS-EN ISO 14122-4.

Fixing - None

Handrail that can be used when there is a lack of lateral space, e.g. when working on the standing platform. The handrail does not have handles, but is bent 75 mm to the side, which creates an additional 150 mm of space for your elbows. The handrail is installed to the side of ladders with or without safety cages. The handrail can also be used with an external sleeve for removability, which is useful when the ladder is installed below a hatch.

Step Plate - No

NOTE! Step Plate needs 250 mm of free space against the wall.

Hoop Guard - No

In the event of a falling height of more than 4 metres, the ladder must be fitted with a safety cage in accordance with BBR. The safety cage for the cat ladder is made up of modules with a length of 900 mm. The safety cage ends 2-2.5 m above ground and can be supplied with a hatch to prevent unauthorised access. Version in accordance with SS 83 13 40.

Anti-climb security panel - No

Anti-climb security panel in cat ladder.

Folding step plate

Two step plates for cat ladders. Both of them are folding. They can be used when an intermediate landing is needed at the middle of the cat ladder to make standing more comfortable. This could be a service point or at the middle of a long section of cat ladders.

The plate is normally folded up behind the rungs and it is easily pulled out with the foot.

The step plate is available for the whole of the ladder's width or split up so it can be used with vertical fall protection railing/safety wire.

The single step plate is mounted using 2x M10x20 + locking nuts. The double plate is sold as a complete set with all necessary fastening material.

Stiffening rail

Sometimes, a freestanding cat ladder is needed between floor and mezzanine, where the height exceeds 2.5 m. It may be necessary to get past glass partitions or other constructions where there are no possibilities for attachment.

With a stiffening rail installed, the max. separation is 5.7 m compared to the standard 2.5 m. The rail can be used together with other accessories such as safety cage, standing platform, handrail, etc.



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