Increased roof safety with information sign

Weland Stål put safety first with a new signage system for better roof safety. An information sign with a unique QR code both makes the work easier and more safe.

Weland Stål has developed a sign that can be put up on roof access hatchets. The sign is filled out by the fitter and give future visitors information about which products are placed on the roof, who installed them and when. Surveys can also be filled out at the time of inspection.

More safe environment

The purpose of the sign is to make work on roofs more safe. The information sign also helps customers as it is easy to access important documents. The digital information which is connected to the sign is unique and is created by the fitter when the object is assembled. The registration takes place when the QR code is scanned or when the web address is entered.

Digital information

For each sign there is even more digital information as assembly instructions, certificates and such as the fitter considers to be relevant to upload as images, risk analysis, snow clearance plans and more. Visitors can easily access the information before they enter the roof by scanning a QR code or alternatively enter a website address. The industry association recommend these information signs. The sign is in stock and can be ordered together with other products.


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New version of roof safety app

New features in the app include an updated snow guard’s calculation.  


Quick evacuation with evacuation gangway

Weland Stål’s evacuation gangway makes evacuation fast, safe and effective. 


New clamp sleeve clip to wire

Weland Stål has developed a clamp sleeve clip to its wire system Weline. 


Delivery of wire directly from the warehouse

Delivery of wire directly from the warehouse Weland Stål will expand its wire system with new products. 


Easy handling with a new length of tubes

Easy handling with a new length of tubes Weland Stål has developed a new tube in Magnelis and the company also adjust the length of tubes for easier transport.  


Guardrails height 1100 mm

Guardrails height 1100 mm are used to prevent falls along escape routes or floors. 


Increased roof safety with information sign

Weland Stål put safety first with a new signage system for better roof safety.. 


Anti-Slip Guard Hook, Double – a Vital Safety Component

Weland Stål has developed a new anti-slip guard for ground ladders. 


Two new brochures

Take a look at our new brochures, Säker på Taket (Safety on the Roof) and Infästningssystem för solpaneler (Fixing Systems for Solar Panels). 


Watch out for falling snow!

Weland Stål has approved snow guards for all types of roof. 


Sliding ice protection

New plastic sliding ice protection for the snow guard with 3 tubes. 


Modified handrail for the cat ladders

Further development of escape products to comply with applicable requirements. 


New ground fastener for the railings

Weland Stål AB has developed a new stable ground fastener for the Universal and Weflex railings. 


New Lath Mount

There are no separate components on the new lath mount. 


Snow depth indicator

A simple solution to make clear where the fastening points for the lifeline are under the snow cover. 


Hinge to roof hatch

Hinge for the Roof Hatch with a chain as opening stop and for securing, which prevents the hatch from blowing closed again. 

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Visit us at Bygg och VVS-mässan Syd

Meet us at the fair and we will tell you more about our flexibility and our experience of working with roof safety.  


Möt oss på mässan Tak & Fasad

Möt oss på mässan så berättar vi mer om vår flexibilitet och vår erfarenhet av att arbeta med arkitekter och konstruktörer.  


Weland Stål sponsors the World Cup Ulricehamn

Weland Stål sponsors the ski competition FIS Cross-Country World Cup Ulricehamn. 


Opening hours during the holidays

The holiday season is just about to start, which means that we will operate with limited staffing during weeks 28 to 31. 



Come and meet us at Nordbygg on 5-8 April. We are presenting all our news and parts from our new catalogue. 


Magnelis for a better environment

Magnelis is a relatively new surface treatment with extremely good corrosion properties that also reduces the zinc run-off. 


Brick red

Painting without setup costs every 3rd week. 


Summer at Weland Stål

Summer has now arrived and thus summer opening times. We have shorter opening times during weeks 28-31. 


Standing seam mount for Snap-on-Roofs

Weland Stål has developed an integrated standing seam mount and a standing seam mount for ladders intended for prefabricated strip covering, so-called Snap-on-Roof. 


Evacuation gangway

The evacuation gangway has been developed for when there is a need for wider walkways and transport routes on roofs. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year we are closed from 12 noon, 23 December up to and including 6 January. 


Wire system

Newly developed falling protection for roof gangways, roof ladders etc. A wire system that complies with the new regulations for risks of falling and moving on roofs. 


Folding step plate for cat ladders

We have developed two new step plates for cat ladders. Both of the step plates are folding. 


Safe on the roof Brochure

A compilation of Weland Stål's products for roof safety and evacuation. 


Solar panel brackets

We have used our many years' experience of roof safety to produce a specially adapted system for securing solar panels. 


Reinforcement of cat ladder

Sometimes, a freestanding cat ladder is needed between floor and mezzanine, where the height exceeds 2.5 m. 


Drop Down ladder

Weland Stål has developed a solution for those who need to get down but don't want to let others get up. 


CE marking

From 1 July 2013, construction products that are covered by harmonised standard must have a Declaration of Performance and CE marking to be placed on the market in the EU. 


Weflex railing

WeFlex railing is a new buildable railing in hot dip galvanised steel. An entirely new system that has been developed for people who want to build the railing on site. 


New illustrated installation instructions

Clearer installation instructions available for download 


<translate>Weland Stål has an App</translate>

<translate>This app has been developed for people who want rapid information about the requirements stipulated by the regulations regarding roof safety when you are on the roof.</translate> 


<translate>Newly developed tube lock</translate>

<translate>The guardrail has been redesigned to make installation and handling easier.</translate> 


<translate>New guardrail</translate>

<translate>The guardrail has been redesigned to make installation and handling easier.</translate> 



<translate>Byggvarubedömningen, a Swedish building materials assessment tool, has assessed the building products Snow guards, roof gangways, roof ladders, ridge rails, guardrails, cat ladders</translate>