Easy handling with a new length of tubes

Weland Stål has developed a new tube in Magnelis and the company also adjust the length of tubes for easier transport. Nowadays there are tubes in the length of 1.5 meters and 2.3 meters.

The 2.3 meter tube (RR2723) is 2350 mm long with a crimped end. The tube is used to ridge railing, eaves railing, snow guard, snow stop, guardrail height 500, 1100mm, Weflex railing and evacuation gangway. The 1.5 meter tube (RR2715) is 1500 mm long and the end is not crimped. It is used to guardrail height 500 mm.

Easier transport

The tubes have been changed to a shorter length mainly due to make the transport easier. All goods longer than 2.4 meters will cost extra to carry, and it usually takes an extra day of delivery then it is counted as "special" and handled outside the ordinary timetable. According to Ulf Gustavsson, marketing manager at Weland Stål, the change means even easier handling for customers.

- The new tube is easier to handle and work with. Customers will also notice a simplification of delivery, says Ulf Gustavsson.

Amended splicing

The new tubes are made in Magnelis and is as previously shrunk at one end. In addition to the length the new tubes have two self-drilling screws. These are available in sets of ten pieces or 50 pieces, lock-in ends as before.

ArtNo. Decription Weight Price GS1-Code
RR2723 Railing tube 27 mm length 2,3m zm 2,2 kg 131 SEK 7340044705756
RRR2723 Railing tube 27 mm length 2,3m red 2,2 kg 153 SEK 7340044705787
SRR2723 Railing tube 27 mm length 2,3m black 2,2 kg 153 SEK 7340044705794
GRR2723 Railing tube 27 mm length 2,3m grey 2,2 kg 153 SEK  
LRR2723 Railing tube 27 mm length 2,3m lac 2,2 kg 153 SEK  
RR2715 Railing tube 27mm length 1,5m zm 1,4 kg 83 SEK 7340044705770
RRR2715 Railing tube 27mm length 1,5m red 1,4 kg 106 SEK  
SRR2715 Railing tube 27mm length 1,5m black 1,4 kg 106 SEK  
GRR2715 Railing tube 27mm length1,5m grey 1,4 kg 106 SEK  
LRR2715 Railing tube 27mm length 1,5m lac 1,4 kg 106 SEK  
SS5225 Self-drilling screws 50 pieces 5,5x22mm rf 0,35 kg 250 SEK 7340044705763


New tubes

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New rubber strip for profiled sheet metal roofs

We are expanding our product range with a rubber strip for profiled sheet metal roofs. 


New sales representative at Weland Stål

We welcome Anders Rost, new salesperson at Weland Stål. 


L-shaped support bracket for easier mounting and a cleaner look

Weland Stål has designed a new L-shaped bracket for Universal and WeFlex railing types. 


Weflex and Universal - railings with flexibility

With Weflex and Universal railings in the product line-up, Weland Stål has the railing you need. 


New brick-red colour in the roof safety range

From now on, it is possible to have brick-red colour on roof-safety products from Weland Stål. 


The bracket that elevates the snow guard

Weland Stål's new elevation bracket allows for doubling the height of a snow guard made of profile grating. 


Adjustable gate opens Weland universal railings

Weland Stål launches a new gate for use in connection with the Weland universal railing. 


Delivery of wire directly from the warehouse

Delivery of wire directly from the warehouse Weland Stål will expand its wire system with new products. 


Easy handling with a new length of tubes

Easy handling with a new length of tubes Weland Stål has developed a new tube in Magnelis and the company also adjust the length of tubes for easier transport.  


Increased roof safety with information sign

Weland Stål put safety first with a new signage system for better roof safety.. 


Anti-Slip Guard Hook, Double – a Vital Safety Component

Weland Stål has developed a new anti-slip guard for ground ladders. 

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Corner fittings provide more stable roof bridges at an angle

A new corner fitting is now available to stabilise the joint between Weland Stål's roof gangways. 


New low tilt system for solar panels

We now offer a newly developed fixing system for low tilt installations at 15 degrees from the roof. 


Opening hours during summer

Summer vacation is around the corner and we will be closed week 29 and week 30. 


New version of roof safety app

New features in the app include an updated snow guard’s calculation.  


Quick evacuation with evacuation gangway

Weland Stål’s evacuation gangway makes evacuation fast, safe and effective. 


Visit us at Bygg och VVS-mässan Syd

Meet us at the fair and we will tell you more about our flexibility and our experience of working with roof safety.  


New clamp sleeve clip to wire

Weland Stål has developed a clamp sleeve clip to its wire system Weline. 


Möt oss på mässan Tak & Fasad

Möt oss på mässan så berättar vi mer om vår flexibilitet och vår erfarenhet av att arbeta med arkitekter och konstruktörer.  


Weland Stål sponsors the World Cup Ulricehamn

Weland Stål sponsors the ski competition FIS Cross-Country World Cup Ulricehamn. 


Guardrails height 1100 mm

Guardrails height 1100 mm are used to prevent falls along escape routes or floors. 


Opening hours during the holidays

The holiday season is just about to start, which means that we will operate with limited staffing during weeks 28 to 31. 


Two new brochures

Take a look at our new brochures, Säker på Taket (Safety on the Roof) and Infästningssystem för solpaneler (Fixing Systems for Solar Panels). 



Come and meet us at Nordbygg on 5-8 April. We are presenting all our news and parts from our new catalogue. 


Watch out for falling snow!

Weland Stål has approved snow guards for all types of roof. 


Sliding ice protection

New plastic sliding ice protection for the snow guard with 3 tubes. 


Modified handrail for the cat ladders

Further development of escape products to comply with applicable requirements. 


New ground fastener for the railings

Weland Stål AB has developed a new stable ground fastener for the Universal and Weflex railings. 


Magnelis for a better environment

Magnelis is a relatively new surface treatment with extremely good corrosion properties that also reduces the zinc run-off. 


New Lath Mount

There are no separate components on the new lath mount. 


Snow depth indicator

A simple solution to make clear where the fastening points for the lifeline are under the snow cover. 


Hinge to roof hatch

Hinge for the Roof Hatch with a chain as opening stop and for securing, which prevents the hatch from blowing closed again. 


Brick red

Painting without setup costs every 3rd week. 


Standing seam mount for Snap-on-Roofs

Weland Stål has developed an integrated standing seam mount and a standing seam mount for ladders intended for prefabricated strip covering, so-called Snap-on-Roof. 


Evacuation gangway

The evacuation gangway has been developed for when there is a need for wider walkways and transport routes on roofs. 


Wire system

Newly developed falling protection for roof gangways, roof ladders etc. A wire system that complies with the new regulations for risks of falling and moving on roofs. 


Folding step plate for cat ladders

We have developed two new step plates for cat ladders. Both of the step plates are folding.