Folding chimney platform

Folding chimney platform

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Product information: Folding chimney platform

Weland's chimney platform is supplied complete with gangway and support legs. The platform can be adjusted for different roof gradients and chimney heights. If the platform (when folded up) is more than 1 metre below the top of the chimney, a ladder and associated platform should be used instead. The platform can be folded down when not in use (Show picture).

In the event of platform lengths above 1200 mm, and additional gangway module must be ordered.

Platform (folding)
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Chimney platform complete 1200 x 350 mm Show more infoShow less info
Chimney platform complete 1200 x 350 mm


Platform - PF1218
Platform (Lacquered in red) - RPF1218 Platform (Lacquered in black) - SPF1218
ArtNo. Surface treatment Price
RPF1218 Lacquered in red 4485 SEK
SPF1218 Lacquered in black 4485 SEK
GPF1218 Lacquered in gray 4485 SEK
LPF1218 Special colour * 4485 SEK
PF1218 Hot dip Galvanizing 3518 SEK

* = A set fee of 3000 SEK will be added for each configuration

Order article

23.15 kg

Gangway module (for platform length above 1200 mm) Show more infoShow less info
Gangway module (for platform length above 1200 mm)

Profiled grating 700x350mm

Profiled grating 700x350mm - PB0630
Profiled grating 700x350mm (Lacquered in red) - RPB0630 Profiled grating 700x350mm (Lacquered in black) - SPB0630
ArtNo. Surface treatment Price
RPB0630 Lacquered in red 347 SEK
SPB0630 Lacquered in black 347 SEK
GPB0630 Lacquered in gray 347 SEK
LPB0630 Special colour * 347 SEK
PB0630 Hot dip Galvanizing 293 SEK

* = A set fee of 3000 SEK will be added for each configuration

Order article

3.64 kg


350 mm

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Other colours, copper and stainless steel are available by order.

We keep part of our stainless steel range in stock.



Assembly Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions - FDU documentation

Maintenance Instructions - FDU documentation for Weland Stål AB

  • 12/09/2013
  • 5
  • basis for design & calculations; materials and manufacturing; surface treatment; handling; maintenance; care of hot dip galvanised products; care of Painted surfaces; care of wooden parts; care of mats on steps or landings; care of terrazzo
  • pdf

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